Maykel Art Gallery is one of kind gallery, located at 107 107 Ave, Treasure Island, Fl, 33706, where local artists have exclusive exhibitions of fine art and craft, from small gifts to life size sculptures, including but not limited to 2 and 3 D wooden painting and carvings, handmade furniture (sculptural furniture, wooden and metal combination too), functional carvings, tikis and bars, fishes and sea life, pelicans and abstracts, wooden vases, surfboards, candle holders and more.


  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Carving
  • Mixed Media
  • Furniture
  • Wood in general

Custom art is one of  their strength. If you are looking for an special art gift MAG works with you from the sketch to the end.

Either wall art, self standing, indoor or outdoor, something for every one, every space and every season.

They also do shipping.

Very friendly family business team and exclusive artists and creations "TO ENJOY FOREVER"...


Maykel Medina was born in Ciego de Avila, Cuba, in April of 1978. As a young child he enjoyed drawing and creating small wooden sculptures.  Despite his inclination towards art, he became a certified veterinary technician but only practiced for a short time, eventually combining his love for animals and art.


At 23, he developed an interest in woodcarving and began to observe professional sculptors and artisans to better learn the craft.  A self-taught artist, he has dedicated his life to his art, continuously honing his carving skills and technique. Each project, a product of his drive to evolve as an artist, is an expression of love and dedication to his art.

During a period of 8 years he designed and hand-carved furniture, decorative pieces and sculptures, which are his true passion. He has completed his best work in Florida, where he currently resides with his wife and young son. He continues to further develop his style and technique as he strives to keep his art fresh and current.  His artwork is unique and handcrafted, inspired in nature, wildlife as well as human life; he gives each piece an artistic yet functional purpose. He used to carve in mahogany and pine, utilizing old world carving techniques as well as a chain saw to achieve the desired effect.


His sculptures can be seen in galleries and private collections as well as juried art shows throughout the country. His work has been commissioned by Hollywood’s A-listers, including Academy Award winner and film producer Jon Landau of “Avatar” & “Titanic” fame.

Everything in life and nature has a purpose, but once dead things change.  Wood is different; it can continue to live as a functional piece of art.  My goal is to repurpose wood, coaxing it back to life with an artistic purpose, to be appreciated and enjoyed. I see beyond the obvious and sculpt each natural piece of wood after closely inspecting it and giving it careful thought. Nothing should be discarded; even dead trees can become permanent sculptures in your garden.


I hope you like my work !


—  Maykel Medina


 Maykel Art Gallery

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